miggs is a simple url shortening service with stats. create, save, and track your shortened links.


// a basic URL shortener


Frequently Asked Questions
About mig.gs
What is mig.gs?+
mig.gs is a free service for shortening long URLs into short links, i.e. http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-eReader-eBook-Reader-e-Reader-Special-Offers/dp/B0051QVESA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334831179&sr=8-1 turns into http://mig.gs/mN.
What is mig.gs useful for?+
Lowering the character count when texting a web address or when posting on a social networking site such as twitter or facebook where space is limited.
How do I use mig.gs?+
Copy the long URL and paste it on the big textbox, hit the shorten button. The shortened link will slide down and you can now copy it onto your clipboard and paste it where ever you like.
Ways to use mig.gs
Is there a bookmarklet for shortening URLs?+
Yes, drag this link [shorten with mig.gs] into your bookmarks. When you click on it, the url of the page that you are on will be shortened.
Is there a plugin for my browser?+
No, not at the moment.
Is there other software I can use for creating shortened URLs?+
No, not at the moment.
What is a QR code?+
A QR (Quick Response) code is a simple two dimensional barcode. Scan it with a barcode scanner (you can download an app for your smartphone) and you will be able to view and go to the link.
About using mig.gs
Can I shorten non-web URLs (i.e ftp://)?+
The only URL protocols allowed are http://, https://, and ftp://
Are the shortened URLs unique?+
Yes, all of the mig.gs shortened links are unique.
What custom URLs are allowed?+
Anything from 2-100 alphanumeric charaters and underscores.
What is the longest URL I can shorten?+
The limit is 1,000 characters.
How can I view statistics on the shortened link?+
Add a plus sign (+) after the shortened link, i.e. http://mig.gs/mN+.
How can I view the destination of the shortened link?+
Add a plus sign (+) after the shortened link, i.e. http://mig.gs/mN+.
How do I know the destination of the shortened link is safe?+
Currenly you cannot know, unless the link has gotten a lot of complaints then it will have a warning page and you will have to manually click on the destination. Abused links will have a minus sign (-) after the shortened link, i.e. http://mig.gs/cB-.
How long do shortened links last for?+
Forever, shortened links are never deleted unless it violates our terms, then it will become disabled.
Can I delete a shortened link?+
No, shortened links are permanent once created.
Account questions
Is my personal information ever shared?+
No, we never share your personal information, unless applicable by law.
When I delete a link from my saved links, is it deleted forever?+
No, it is just removed from your saved links.
What do I do if I forgot my password?+
Go to the Forgot password page and a password reset link will be sent to your email address.
Technical questions
Does mig.gs save my IP address?+
Yes, for security reasons such as blocking users/spammers from our blacklist. mig.gs will never release this information unless applicable by law.
Does mig.gs require cookies?+
Yes, mig.gs uses cookies to store the session once you are logged in and also to keep a list of your recent shortened links.
Does mig.gs require JavaScript?+
Yes, mig.gs will requires JavaScript to enable ajaxed content.
Does mig.gs require Flash?+
Yes, only to copy the shortened link to the clipboard.
Does mig.gs use 301 redirects?+
Yes, mig.gs only uses 301 (permanent) redirects instead of 302 (temporary) redirects.
Spam and abuse
How can I report abuse?+
On the link stats page, click on the flag link. We will review it and either put a warning page or disable it if neccessary. You can also send an email to admin [at] mig.gs.
Why was my shortened link disabled?+
The link either violated our terms and or is on our internal blacklist. If you feel this was a mistake, send an email to admin [at] mig.gs with the shortened link and why it is not in violation of our terms.
Other misc questions
Will mig.gs always remain free?+
Yes, we see no reason for charging our users for such a basic service.
Can I advertise on mig.gs?+
No, we want to keep mig.gs running fast and our users happy.
Who created mig.gs?+
mig.gs was created Miguel Mota, as a personal project.
What does mig.gs stand for?+
Nothing really, it is short for miguel (the developer) and it is easy to remember.